VIDEO | Nanny Cam Catches Massive Boiler Explosion In Kids Playroom

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Friday the 13th sure held true to its superstitious meaning for this one family.

A family’s boiler over-pressurized and blew up inside their home in Bellingham, Washington and it was all caught on video.

The family had installed a hidden nanny cam in their children’s playroom and that is where the boiler explosion had the most impact. Thankfully, this incident happened while no one was in the home. One child was in the care of the nanny, playing outside and the other was with their father.

Anne-Marie Faiola, the mother, wrote on her blog that she received a call from her nanny saying: “I heard a ticking, and then I heard a bang”. “And now smoke is coming out of the vents. So Lily and I are on the lawn outside. Jamisen is with his Dad.”

Such a scary incident. Thankfully the children were not playing in the playroom at the time of the explosion. Check out the massive impact the explosion had on the home.

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