This Fourth Grader Is Bringing Color Into The Lives Of Students Everywhere!

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Given the choice between crayons and pencils, I’m sure most kids would go for the crayons almost every time. What child doesn’t want their own crayons to express their colorful creativity?

But what happens when children don’t have access to crayons? When they don’t even know what a colored pencil is? One would guess that there true colorful creativity is never truly expressed.

One 10-year-old girl in Pennsylvania has set out to change that and has made it her mission to bring color to the lives of children everywhere…

She started by asking her classmate to donate some of their art supplies to her collection. “I was thinking we could package it up and send it to other kids,” the fourth-grader said to WFMZ News.
And she has! Since November, her charity, Color for Kids, has received more than 30,000 items and has sent them to children in need across the US and as far away as Nepal.
It’s a large undertaking, so Bethany has enlisted her brothers to organize the donations and pack them up.
On May 9th, Color for Kids is sent art supplies to 150 kids in New York City, and this week, the non-profit is sending a big package to 200 kids in Philadelphia.
The smiles on all of the children’s faces says it all. Their lives are more colorful and their futures are just a little bit brighter now. I was really blown away by this young girl’s altruism and compassion. Way to go, Bethany!
If you would like to donate items, head over to Bethany’s website to find out how!

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