This Mom Freezes Her Kids Toys And Three Awesome Ice Activities For Kids Are Born

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WhatsUpMoms has a wonderful Youtube channel that showcases all sorts of great kid activities, DIY projects and other great ideas. In this video the hip mom shows us how to create three kid activities using simple household items, water and ice. These activities are sure to be a hit with the kids and offer them hours of entertainment, especially on those warm summer days!

In the first activity, children’s tub toys are placed in a plastic bin, covered with colored water and frozen in layers. After the deep freeze, the kids are left with a block of ice and their toys all caught up in the frozen block. Children will have a blast trying to get all of their toys out and learn a little something about chemistry at the same time.

The second activity is really cool. Take an ice tray, fill a quarter of each cube holder with paint and then fill the rest of the way with water. Mix and let it freeze, once almost frozen, input a Popsicle stick in the center and continue freezing. When done, the children are left with these really cool ice painters.

The third and final activity showcases in the video is probably our favorite. It is simple, creative and the kids will absolutely love it. Ice boat racing! Fill a small plastic container with water, let it freeze, insert the sail and voila, you have an ice boat. Set up a luge outside using tin foil, run a little water down it with the backyard hose and let the kids race their boats! How fun is that???

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