Family Texts Wrong Number With Baby News, Gets Amazing Surprise!

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We all get phone calls or texts from wrong numbers from time to time and we typically ignore them. That wasn’t the case however when brothers Deorick and Denis Williams received a text from an unknown number saying ‘We are at the hospital. Having a baby today! She is dilated between 5-6.’

The text came from an eager, soon to be grandmother! The brothers initially responded with a simple ‘congrats, but you have the wrong number’ text. But, the eager grandmother didn’t seem to care and she followed up her initial text with a picture of the adorable newborn. 


What happened next is pretty awesome! The brothers told the woman that they would be coming down to the hospital to take a picture with the baby! 


The brothers showed up to the hospital, gifts in hand and took the opportunity to snap a few pics of the wild and random occasion!


The grandmother posted this to her Facebook page afterwards…


How cool is this? The universe works in mysterious ways, clearly these two guys were meant to be involved in this families life!

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