These Dangling Niceballs Will Let You Awkwardly Relieve Stress At Work

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Imaginarte is a creative communications agency who is aiming to reduce stress in the workplace, one ball at a time.

In collaboration with Raúl Rodríguez Romeo — one of the special effects engineers for the Oscar-winning film “Gravity” —  Imaginarte created a prosthetic stress ball that conveniently sticks to your desk  for whenever things become hectic.

Niceballs, as they call it, is “A pendulous prosthetic supplement that sticks to your desk in a simple, discreet and efficient manner.”

This creates a Euclidean curve credited with promoting seconds of escape and relaxation.


They stick easily, discreetly and efficiently to your desk


Its suspension rate creates a Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation and provides the few moments of escapism



Niceballs are available for only a limited time, and you can order a pair for yourself or someone else here.

More info: Niceballs (h/t Demilked)

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