The Funniest, Most Brutally Honest Christmas Card You Will See All Year!

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Every year just before Christmas, many families ponder funny, fun and creative ideas for their Christmas card. The card that will be sent out to family and friends, wishing them a happy holiday season from your family to theirs.

While most people elect to take a nice family photo, maybe even spicing it up a bit with some ugly Christmas sweaters…others like to be little more ‘in your face’ with their family Christmas card.

That was the case with the Christmas card going viral, below.

The image of the card reportedly originated on Reddit and is supposedly the holiday greeting from one very funny mother of three named Lisa Allen. Allen decided to write an honest and hilarious holiday card about her family, rather than fancy it up like she typically does.

We saw the now-viral holiday card posted to the Mommy Needs Vodka Facebook page on Dec. 1 with the caption: “Brutally honest Christmas card.”

Now we can’t verify ‘Lisa Allen’ and whether or not she mailed this hilarious card to friends and family, but it surely gives up a little something to smile about!

The card simply gives a little insider detail to all the family members…and I think many of us can relate.

Here is what it says in case you can’t read the small print above!

First there is Landon, “our precocious and super annoying 3yr old,” who “whines all the time and doesn’t go to sleep when he’s told.” The proud parents continue, “Most of the artwork he brings home from church nursery is awful. Our pride and joy (and source of our drinking problem).”

Hunter, their “energetic yet surprisingly nonathletic 9yr old who just got cut from a soccer team that doesn’t even keep score in their games, I know … how does that even happen?!” The spunky parent duo continues, writing that Hunter “spends most of his time on his iPad and said his first swear word this year! Super exciting!”

Then on to their oldest child, 18-year-old Maddy, whom off-the-bat they call out for going “over her data each month on her cell phone bill.” Aside from getting fired from her job at Sephora for telling her boss, “Just because I’m on the schedule doesn’t mean I have to show up,” she’s got her priorities straight: she’s looking to get Insta famous (aren’t we all?). Her parents write that Maddy “was grounded for two weeks this fall after she snuck a guy in her window to ‘watch a movie.’”

The  family holiday card wouldn’t be complete without an update about the parents. Allen shares that “Tom still tucks his T-shirt into his jeans and just took money from our retirement account to buy a fishing boat,” but not before stating that “they’re ‘somehow still married’ 41 years later.”