How To Make Super Cool Animal Figures Out Of Towels And Washcloths!

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diy towel animals

I was recently at a friends home and their children were making these super cool animal figures out of towels and washcloths. The kids were having a blast and they were so easy to make, it inspired me to scour the web and find a few awesome tutorial videos to share with you all on how to make your own.

From teddy bears to elephants and fish to rabbits – there are a ton of easy DIY animal figures you or your children can have a blast making!

Check the out below!

Teddy Bear

Dog, Frog, Teddy Bear, Rabbit, Car and Caterpillar



Butterfly, Frog And Puppy

Here is the link to the Youtube video that shows you how to make the elephants featured in the main photo of this article.