This Simple DIY ‘Wall Of Lights’ Is The Perfect Addition To Any Holiday Decor

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Ben Wysong shows us how to make a homemade wall of lights!


The light panels are made out of Compressed Styrofoam that is typically painted black, but can be painted any color you desire of course. You can use one large panel or tape a few smaller ones together to get the size you are looking for. 


Next, you simply take Christmas lights and poke them through the styrofoam at random to give it a “starry night” feel.  You can affix the boards to a wood frame for easy hanging or just attach a small hanging implement to the back. If you choose to place a wood frame around the board, try covering the wood with fabric after to give it a warm feel.


That’s it! It is a simple and inexpensive project that will surely add a little flare to your holiday decorating!

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