Young Woman’s Composed Version Of Famed Christmas Song From ‘Home Alone’ Is Breathtaking

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Talk about talent!

Tomine Mikkeline is one talented 18 year old young woman. She has been playing music and singing since she was five and she clearly has a wonderful gift.

In this video, Tomine recreated the classic song “Somewhere In My Memory” from the famed #Christmas movie ‘Home Alone’.

Tomine plays all of the parts of the song herself in the video below. The piano and cello are all her. Her voice is soft, smooth, subtle and relaxing. Her range is simply breathtaking and we have included another video (below) of Tomine singing ‘Air’ by Bach where you can really hear her incredible range.

Tomine is no stranger to doing great things with music however. She has won countless performance awards and performed at some of the grandest of halls for very large audiences.

Job well done Tomine!


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