Dog Gently Placing 11 Newborn Puppies In Lap Of Foster Mom Is The Sweetest Thing.

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Three weeks ago a woman took in a foster dog named Grayce. Grayce was about to have puppies and she needed to be cared for and loved during the process. Grayce took an immediate liking to her foster mom and after she had her puppies, 11 of them, she did the most incredible ‘mom’ like thing. 

Grayce wanted a little love and attention from her foster mom, but she also didn’t want to leave her newborns alone in the corner. So, one by one, Grayce carried each puppy over to her foster mom and gently placed them on her lap. Once the final pup was resting the arms of her foster mom, Grayce was able to get the attention and love she so desired. 

I have never seen anything like this…it is by far one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. 


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