How To Tell If Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusing You

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For those lucky enough to have fallen in love, it really is a beautiful thing. Finding the right partner is not easy, and there is no perfect relationship. After a certain amount of time, the love you share with your partner may not be as intense as when you fell in love. For some relationships, all goes well until the end. But for some, the love can falter, and can end up in trouble. While love should be unconditional, it is normal to expect love back from the person you love. But sometimes, you feel that it is not reciprocated fairly. There are many reasons why this can happen, but know this, it could be that your partner is taking advantage of your love, and emotionally abusing you. It is unfortunate, but is very real. Know the signs so it won’t do more damage. Hopefully, you can discuss it with your partner and try to save your relationship.
Discover the signs that you have an emotionally abusive partner: