Steve Harvey Explains Emotional Reason Why Man Collapsed In Tears After Winning $20k On Family Feud

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Steve Harvey is one of the coolest, most giving guys on the planet. Not too mention he is one of the funniest people to ever walk this earth. When Steve took over hosting Family Feud, it added an entirely new energy to the show and made it come alive again. There was never a dull moment and there were a laughs. But not all things were funny on Family Feud as Steve explains in the video below. 

There had been a family on the show who had spent three days on set playing the game and had won zero money. Finally, the family won and they took home $20,000. The team captain, an older man, immediately fell to his knees and began to cry, and cry hard. 

During the taping Steve explains that he wondered why the man was such a wreck, because the during the taping he was sweating so much, he had to change his shirt. After winning the money and collapsing, Steve knew something wasn’t right. 

During the break Steve asked the man if everything was alright and that is when the man told him why he was so emotional. 

The man was terminally ill and only had 3-months to live. Because of his illness he was unable to get insurance and he so desperately needed that $20,000 for his family. Steve Harvey, being Steve Harvey immediately wrote the man a check for another $25,000 from his own bank account. In the video below, Steve explains the situation to his talk show audience during a filming break. 


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