This Is What Happens To You When You Don’t Sleep For A Week

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Sleep is super important in order for our minds and bodies to work correctly. Even if you don’t sleep or a full 24-hours you will start to lose interest in just about everything around you. 

So what can happen to our bodies with we don’t sleep for a full week? Well, a lot can happen and none of it is fun. 

I once stayed awake for four days straight and by the end of the run, I was literally hallucinated, hearing sounds that were not there and when I would lay down…I would feel as though I was outside of my own body. It was freaky!

Here is what will happen if you don’t sleep for a week. 

1. One Night Of No Sleep

Impaired movement and focus. Comparable to having a blood alcohol level of .10%. 

The ability to form memories is weakened significantly. 

2. Two Nights Of No Sleep

Your oxygen intake lowers. 

Your anaerobic power lowers (you are not as strong as you should be).

You may stumble on and forget the words you are trying to say. 

3. Three Nights Of No Sleep 

It becomes hard to focus on uninteresting tasks. 

You become easily agitated. 

Your heart increases. In 2015 a man died due to heart failure after staying awake for just three days straight. 

4. Four Nights Of No Sleep

Your brain will begin to fall asleep while you are still ‘awake’. They are called ‘micro-sleeps’ and they can last anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds each. 

You may start hallucinating. 

You will start to feel a phenomenon called ‘Hat Phenomenon’, where you feel pressure around your head. 

5. Five Nights Of No Sleep

Thinking and problem solving skills are significantly lowered. 

You will start become paranoid and may get the feeling that someone is out to get you. 

6. Six & Seven Nights Of No Sleep

Sleep deprivation psychosis sets in and you can no longer interpret reality. This symptom, combined with all the other symptoms of not sleeping for days, create a dangerous concoction. 

But there is good news…you can’t prevent all this…by just going to sleep and not staying up for days at a time!

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