How To Get The Most From Your Mattress

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Without question, a comfortable mattress is a wonderful thing. There is nothing better than to climb into bed and relax for the night, especially after a hard day. This brilliant dynamic changes, however, should your mattress not give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

With this in mind, let’s look at ways we can prolong the life of your mattress. According to the Sleep Foundation, how well we sleep affects our health.

Tips to Get More From Your Mattress

Use a Mattress Protector

It is strongly advised to use a mattress protector. This will keep it free of dust, debris and protect against spills. Cleaning a mattress can be difficult, although it is not impossible. You can even clean your mattress from a deep staining liquid such as blood or wine if necessary.

Ensure you get the right size protector for your mattress. This isn’t limited to width x height but depth as well. There are two types of mattress, they are:

Fitted – This fits your mattress like a fitted sheet. Only the top of the mattress tends to be protected with this kind of cover.

Encasement – Encasement mattress covers protect all sides of your mattress and are often zip fastened. This offers better protection than a fitted cover and protects against bed bugs too.

Rotate Your Mattress

You may have heard people talking about rotating mattresses. This is for a good reason. If you do not rotate your mattress, it will wear out where you lay. It will lose its comfort value sooner, and you will have to replace it.

Rotating the mattress prevents wear and tear even and prolongs the life of your mattress, and you retain the health benefits only a comfortable mattress provides.

That said, some mattress manufacturers do recommend not flipping the mattress. Check their guidance first.

No Bouncing on the Bed

If you have young children, they love using mattresses as a trampoline. Believe it or not, this is not good for your mattress integrity. As well as preventing children from bouncing on the bed, ensure you and your husband or wife refrain from doing it too!

Keep Pets out of Bed

Although dogs and cats love sleeping on beds and they can be great companions, it is not a good idea. Various bugs and worms lay eggs in pet hair which hatch and make home in your sheets. Where you can, prevent your dog or cat from sharing your bed.

Avoid Eating in Bed

On a similar note try and avoid eating in bed. A few crumbs attract a range of critters who love a free meal. Also, food may start to rot the mattress, which obviously makes it more uncomfortable. Eat at the table, sleep in your bed.

Vacuum Your Mattress

It is good practice to vacuum your mattress around twice a year. Strip the linen off the bed and use special attachments to give the mattress a good vacuum session. Concentrate on the seems where dust mites, sweat, and other wonderful things tend to build up.

With good care, you’ll be surprised how long your mattress will last and bring sleep benefits.