How Can We Add Storage Capacity To A Bathroom With Floating Glass Shelves?

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If you live in a house with a small bathroom, it’s easy to get quickly discouraged with the state of it. You just don’t feel relaxed enough in the bathroom to take a long shower after a day of hard work when you know you deserve it. It’s hard to find space for all the toiletries and any other items you need to keep in the bathroom without feeling hopeless. This is where bathroom glass shelves come into play.

If you are here for this article, the idea must have occurred to you at some point, and you need some pointers for getting started on the perfect bathroom design. Floating glass shelves and other various kinds of glass shelves can be perfect for a small bathroom as they help alleviate the need for space by giving the toiletries a storage area and make the bathroom look bigger.

You might be thinking if a shelf will solve all the problems, why not buy a wooden one? For one, it’s better not to use wood or any other material that isn’t glass in an area where there is a high chance of it coming in contact with water. A wooden shelf can quickly become damaged with water splashes. The same concern applies to other materials as well.

The second reason is the transparency of the glass shelf. The reflective surface allows light to bounce off the shelves and light up the entire bathroom. This gives off the impression of a much bigger space. The light tricks the eye into thinking there is a lot of airy space. The transparency also means the area around the shelves is visible and is easy to look at.

Let’s go through some ways to arrange shelves in your bathroom to give you an idea of exactly how this works.

1. Rectangle Glass Shelves

A bit on the basic side, rectangle glass shelves are the ones you can hang up a little higher on the wall. The best places to fix them would be directly on top of the basin but under the mirror. You can keep things like a razor, face wash, and other essential items here.

The rectangular shelves have a touch of elegance to them that is suitable for any living space, whether it is the bathroom of your home or office. They have a clean, professional look that looks good in any environment. Another important point to note in the case of rectangle glass shelves is the length. They can be customized according to your requirements and can even span two countertops if one so desires.

2. QTR Circle Bathroom Glass Shelves

We are assuming your bathroom is honestly a bit too small. You almost don’t have space to even move from one side to another, let alone try to fit a glass shelf inside, no matter how slim it is. Fortunately, QTR circle shelves are that small. In fact, these shelves are created keeping in mind the tiny bathrooms. This is why the corner option exists in the first place. You can attach them to a corner wall with 2 chrome finish brackets and you have the perfect style ready for your home.

Choose the color you want for such a shelf, for you are going to want to add as much character to your bathroom as you can. They will be situated at the corner of your bathroom and span across two walls with little space taken on both sides. When someone enters your bathroom, the first thing they notice will be the shelf. Despite its position, the colors you choose and its design are guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Why would you need a cabinet when you can have floating glass shelves like this? They provide all the functionality a cabinet provides and more.

3. Triangle Shelves

Triangular shelves are similar to circular shelves. Instead of having a circular outward frame, these are triangular with one edge poking out. Much like the circular shelves, you have the option of delegating a space to them to the furthest corner of the bathroom. When you are moving around in a small area, this design will make sure you don’t end up bumping into a shelf on the way while leaving the shower.

It’s best to go for a clear glass product for this one. You can keep the items that you need for a shower such as shampoos, scrubbers, gel, and other such things. When you’re showering, you can simply reach out to the corner one wall and grab anything you need.

All these exciting options clearly make Fab Glass and Mirror is one of the best companies to buy bathroom glass shelves from. We will recommend not to wait too long if you are buying from the existing stock for they are in high demand. Don’t wait up and order now!

4. Curved or Stylish Bent Glass Shelves

Let’s allow ourselves more freedom, especially if the space in your bathroom is small but not that small. At this point, we can afford to save up on storage space but allow for some luxury when it comes to design. Bent bathroom glass shelves begin on one portion of the wall like any other normal shelf and then curves inward. The upper shelf offers more storage space than the lower shelf. The lower shelf isn’t extended by much and allows for one or two item space at most. The upper shelf is capable of keeping 4 to 5 items.

The shelf space in itself is quite small. If you only want these kinds of shelves, you will have to buy a whole lot of them to make a designated area for all the items and then connect one to another to create a zigzag shape on the wall. However, the small size also means the shelf doesn’t poke out too much. Most of all, this is the most stylish option on the list. It adds a certain character to the bathroom and showcases your creativity to your guests.

If you want this, we think it’s better to opt for a bronze-colored glass. They have a rustic feel to it that will provide a contrast to the modern bathroom and give it a minimalistic look.

5. Stylish Glass Shelves

You have brought some glass shelves for your bathroom and have kept all your shampoo, soap in the space. Where do you keep the towel though? Do you just take it in and out of the room every time you want to go to the bathroom? The towel you use for shower aside, what about the smaller one you need to use after you have washed your face? Do you go out of the bathroom with water dripping down your clothes and look for a towel?

The stylish bathroom glass shelves can take care of this small problem. These are much like the rectangle glass shelves in shape – only smaller. These come with a rail bar where you can keep your towel or even smaller clothing items. This takes care of the need for any kind of cabinet in the bathroom at all. You can also rely on glass shelves for all your small and big needs. Strategically place them in different places on the bathroom wall, and you will have a good, clean bathroom.

6. Bent Glass Shelves

Bent shelves, while quite similar to curved glass shelves, differ in some cases from the design perspective. These are sort of wavy, starting from one side of the wall and ending on the other with a sudden bend in the middle. The best way to describe it would be to say it looks like a staircase. The clean-cut design is accentuated by its usefulness in the bathroom.

When you look at a bent glass shelf, especially the ones with tinted color shade, it simply does not feel like it’s taking up much space. It fits into any kind of modern bathroom seamlessly. The flat polished edges and chrome brackets make the floating glass shelves a wonderful addition to what could have otherwise appeared to be a drab bathroom.

We have taken a tour through the various bathroom glass shelves that will help a small bathroom look way bigger than it is. The only question that remains is whether you know where to buy the floating glass shelves of your dream. Our top choice is FGM, a glass and mirror company. As their name suggests, they make absolutely fabulous glass products. From mirrors and glass tabletops to the glass shelves that will fit any kind of bathroom decoration, they have everything.