7 Awesome Bathroom Trends to Incorporate in Your Remodel

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Are you thinking of a bathroom remodel? Then you should be on the lookout for some of the bathroom trends of 2019.

This will give you an idea of what is trending and what will look good in your space. Stay open-minded and be ready to experiment on new styles and designs.

When you are planning to remodel your bathroom, the cost varies with the size. A bathroom that is over 100 sq.ft will cost around $21000 for a major remodel. A smaller bathroom that is less than 100 sq.ft will cost about $12,300.

Here are exciting bathroom trends to incorporate into your bathroom design.

1. Black Bathrooms

Black bathrooms? Yes, people are choosing black color when they do a bathroom remodel. Black is a bold color, stylish, and makes a great statement.

When you want to have, a unique bathroom design tries the black color. You can add white tiles to give your bathroom an excellent finish and ensure that your bathroom doesn’t look gothic.

2. Using Neutral Palette

Source: https://freshome.com/

When you are remodeling your home, you want to ensure that you only do it once. For this reason, one of the most sort out bathroom trends 2019 is the using of a neutral palette.

Neutral colors and palettes ensure that your bathroom always looks modern and trendy. This means that your bathroom space will always look stylish and classy.

3. Smart Bathrooms

One of the biggest trends in 2018 was smart toilets. In 2019 the smart toilets are making headlines. If you want to take a shower like royalty, try the smart bathroom.

The bathroom has voice features which can be used to adjust the water temperature, the music you are listening to and the light. These technologies make your bathroom feel like a spa.

4. Industrial Style Vanities And Sinks

Source: http://cdn.homedit.com/

If you love a home design that has a few industrial pieces, then this bathroom trend is most certainly yours. You need to incorporate some industrial styles in your bathroom that will change the room’s settings.

Use the sinks together with some modern, urban, and trendy styles to make a statement in the space.

5. Use Of Marble As Art

Marble stone looks great on any surface. Try using marble on your bathroom walls to give that unique look.

Marble can transform a space and make it look more elegant and gorgeous. This trend is expensive, and it requires you to be ready to invest. But the final look you will get is worth the money.

6. Use Of Wood Accents

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Wood accents give your bathroom that warm tone feel. Moreover, wood can complement any color that you chose for your bathroom. Look for a bathroom remodeling contractor who will create a gorgeous space for you.

Also, wood accents go well with industrial and vintage bathroom trends that are popular right now.

7. Open Showers

This appeals to people who don’t have issues with the freedom that an open shower brings in term of privacy. If you love taking a shower in a closed section where you have all the privacy you need, then, by all means, stick to that.

However, if you need to maximize on space open shower, make your bathroom feel big.

Awesome Bathroom Trends

You need to be updated on what is happening around you. Some of the best trends include black bathrooms, smart bathrooms, wood-accented bathrooms, and marble styled bathrooms.

You can ask around or read the lifestyle segments and be updated of the latest styles. Visit our blog and learn more about best home trends and bathroom trends 2019.