How To Use Backsplash Tiles In Bathroom

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Backsplashes are handy fixtures that go a long way in reducing damage to the walls behind the sink and bathtubs while also affording homeowners the luxury of adding a personal touch to their bathrooms and kitchens. The majority of backsplashes are comprised of tiles and for a good reason. This material is extremely versatile, which is unlike granite that is basically a single piece of stone. Tile backsplashes can adopt different shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing the user to design whatever they want including trendy mosaics and accents. Besides, this material is easy to clean and maintain in addition to being modern and sleek.

Unlike a kitchen backsplash that largely serves the practical function of protecting the wall surface from moisture and food splashes, this feature is significantly an aesthetic addition in the bathroom. Most homeowners, therefore, dedicate a lot more than a mere 4-inch row of tile as a backsplash; they often extend it higher up the wall or even allow it to occupy the entire surface. In a bid to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their bathroom while also protecting the walls from moisture, one can use a myriad of attractive tile materials including tempered glass, glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metallic tiles or even natural stone. Here are some common backsplash methodologies for the bathroom. Hang on there, once you are done here don’t forget to look at this amazing before and after laundry room makeover.


Creating a ceramic Tile Border



Tiles easily top the list of the most popular backsplash material for the bathroom. Most homeowners prefer installing a standard 4-inch tile that uses minimal material thus inexpensive. The standard height backsplash provides sufficient protection for the bathroom walls against moisture while also giving the homeowner plenty of space to create a striking design with high-end tile. If there are reasons to believe that a taller backsplash could dwarf the walls of the bathtub, it would be prudent to go for the shorter version. Also, this backsplash is the ideal choice for people who are more concerned with function rather than making a huge design statement.


Installing a Full Height Backsplash


It’snot unusual to find the entire wall behind the bathtub or vanity sink being covered fully with ceramic tiles. This method will come in handy when looking to simplify the cleanup process as tile wall is way easier to clean than painted drywall. Going higher also serves to add elegance and custom appearance to the bathroom.

Continuing the backsplash up the wall essentially introduces a dramatic effect to the bathroom décor while also doubling as a focal point. Besides, a home with kids stands to significantly benefit from a full height backsplash as children splash around a lot. A taller backsplash will also come in handy when looking to mask drywall damage.


Matching Backsplash and Countertop Materials


Counters and backsplashes go hand in hand. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose the appropriate materials capable of working together in terms of function and form. With the endless supply of tile pattern ideas and colors, getting a backsplash that complements one’s counter shouldn’t be hard. Besides, a homeowner needn’t exactly match the pattern or color of their tile to that of their counter; sometimes, a simple backsplash with a neutral hue will suffice. People seeking trendy tile materials and styles for their bathroom backsplashes can head over to the tile shop.

Gone are the days when beautiful backsplashes were reserved for kitchens. This design feature is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners with most fashionable bathrooms featuring it for both functional and decorative purposes. Whether one prefers ceramic or porcelain, natural stone, glass or marble, a backsplash is an essential bathroom element that provides both protection and appeal. A carefully selected tile backsplash could ultimately prove to be the one element that brings the room together. It, therefore, pays to be creative with the design in addition to picking a cool pattern. With so many great backsplash tile ideas available today, there’s no excuse not to use this feature as a genius spot for making a huge style statement.


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