How To Turn A Tasty Orange Into A Long Lasting Glowing Candle!

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Turning an everyday orange into a long lasting candle is surprisingly not that difficult, in fact it is quite easy and super fun to do!

This is a wonderful survival tip as well as a great DIY project. Children love making these too!

Here is what you need :

  • One Orange
  • Small Knife
  • Lamp Oil or Olive Oil

How to make it :

  • Cut the peeling all the way around the middle of the orange. Cut only the peeling.
  • With your fingers, separate the orange from the peel making sure to keep the ‘center root’ intact and attached to the bottom of the orange peel. This ‘center root’ will act as the wick.
  • Separate the orange from the peel on the second as well, no need to worry about the ‘center root’ on that piece.
  • Cut a small hole on the top of the orange peel half that does not have the ‘center root’ attached.
  • Let the half with the center root attached dry. We recommend blow drying the piece to speed up the drying process.
  • Once dry, pour lamp oil or olive oil over the center root and fill the bottom of the orange peel a quarter of the way.
  • Carefully light the ‘wick’ and place the second half of the orange peel with the hole on top of the bottom piece.

That’s it! Your new candle will glow for hours! If it goes out…just add a little more oil!



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