He Didn’t Like Bed Bugs So He Poured Alcohol On His Furniture & Himself…Then Lit A Match

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Lets face it, no one likes bed bugs. They are disgusting, creepy crawling useless assholes that the world can totally live without. However, with that said. If you encounter a family of bedbugs, it is best to take reasonable and intelligent precautions. One Detroit man, recently did not do such things.

This Detroit gentleman thought bed bugs had returned to his apartment, so he sprayed alcohol on his couch and body in an attempt to destroy them.

But then, while sitting on the alcohol-doused couch, the man lit a cigarette and also tried to set one of the bed bugs on fire, Austin said. That caused the couch to catch aflame, along with the man’s body.

The man was severely burned but did manage to escape. The rest of the apartment complex occupants managed to escape as well…thankfully.


The man who started the fire had been complaining about bed bugs for at least four months. Tenants did notice that a crew had been coming every two weeks to tackle bed bugs, “Obviously they didn’t do enough.”


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