6 DIY Ways To Heat Up Your Pool Using The Power Of The Sun While Saving Money

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Lets face it, not everyone wants to get into a pool where the water is simply to cold to enjoy. You want your pool water to always be at the perfect temperature…for you and your guests.

Heating your pool can be rather costly, so why not harness the power of the sun and use it warm up the water, after all the suns energy is free!

Here are 6 do-it-yourself ways to heat up your pool water in an energy and cost efficient way!

1. Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

With these easy to follow instructions, you can build floating swimming pool heaters in less than one hour. Easy to make, easy to use, and very inexpensive.

PVC pipe, pool noodles, black plastic garbage bags and duct tape can be transformed into an effective heater that will warm pool water to a comfortable temperature.

As they float around in your pool, they will collect heat from the sun. That collected heat on top will transfer to the water below and effectively raise water temperature.


2. Cheap Pool Water Heater

This is the perfect idea for keeping money in your pocket and heated water in your pool. For under $100 you can create this easy pool water heater using just a black hose.


3. Black Hoses in the Sun

Are you starting to see a theme here? Black hoses, positioned in the right places can truly do wonders for heating up the water in your pool!

This plan harvest the energy from the sun and uses it to create one of the best DIY pool heaters around. Use more black hose for larger pools, less for smaller pools.


4.Hula-Hoop Heater

Now this is brilliant idea for solar pool heating that uses hula-hoops and no electricity. Take a few hula-hoops, attach polyethylene film and then toss them into the pool to catch sun rays and heat the water. These hula-hoop heaters look like lily pads floating on top of the water. Also, if you have kids…they will love helping you make these!


5. One Hour Heater

Have company coming over and you need to get your pool water temperature up to par?  Check out these instructions!

Create this simple pool heater in one hour with a black hose and piece of plywood – you will be swimming in warm water in no time at all!


6. Effective Solar Pool Heater

Heat your in-ground pool with this effective DIY solar pool heater that is easy to build. For less than $300 and just a couple hours of work, you will start raising the water temperature of your pool immediately.

Two 4 feet by 4 feet homemade solar panels is efficient enough to effectively heat a normal sized in-ground pool. One panel can heat a small pool and three can heat a large pool.

A couple hundred dollars is a small price to pay to keep your pool water at the right temperature! Plus, they are fun to make!