Would You Let Your Wife Go One Night With Another Man For $110,000?

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So would you?

If a man, who is a stranger were to come up to you and your wife and offer you $110,000 cash for one night with your wife, what would you say or do?

What if you were the wife? What would you do if a strange man offered you and your husband enough money to by a house, just for one night alone with you?

Youtuber JoeySalads put these questions to the test in his latest Youtube video.

Joey walks up to a couple leaving the grocery store and asks if they are married, once they say yes…Joey jumps right into his sales pitch. Armed with a ten thousand dollar roll of cash and a briefcase full of hundreds totaling one hundred grand…he puts on the pressure.

Watch the video below to see what happens!

…and for the record…there is no amount of money where I would share my wife with another man. Well….maybe…if she was down with it and we hit the million dollar mark….maybe….

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