Joe Dirt Is One Of The Wisest Men This World Has Ever Known

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If you don’t know who Joe Dirt is, you have a lot to learn my dear friends.  We recently came across some quotes from the classic movie “Joe Dirt” and it dawned on us, this man we call Joe Dirt is incredibly wise and he speaks words of wisdom and truth.  Check out some of these wise words below, they are surely words to live by!



1.) Well Said Mr. Dirt, Well Said


2.) These words that spewed from Joe’s mouth could not be any more truthful


3.) Ain’t that the truth!


4.) No matter what struggles you face in your life, you must “Keep on Keepin’ on”


5.) Yes it is Joe Dirt, yes it is


6.) Basically what Joe is saying is, we all have a day where we have to account for our actions…so be ready!