31 Of The Best Facebook Cover Quotes

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Source: https://cdn.quotesgram.com/

There are a ton of Facebook-user types. There are the annoying ones that post selfie after selfie, forever searching for approval from their peers. Then there are those that upload every single activity that their family is up to as well as every “accomplishment” that their child does. And there are others that just talk about their political beliefs while trying to convince everyone else why they should think the same way as they do. But then every so often you have the ones that love to post quotes that are seriously worth a look. Here are 31 Facebook cover quotes that will either have you LOL-ing, tearing up, or being hopeful for the future. And no matter which one resonates with you the most, there’s always going to be that one person who’s also going to find you incredibly lame.

Go ahead and read on and see which one you’d consider using for yourself.