VIDEO | If You Can’t Get A Judges Attention, Just Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerk

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Calvin Griffin was appearing in a Miami-Dade bond court according to the Miami Herald. Griffin was arrested after stealing a car.

In a clip uploaded by Media24, Griffin points to the judge in confusion. She doesn’t acknowledge him, as she appears to be going over paperwork — you know, court stuff. Around the :16  mark, Griffin shakes what his mama gave him, much to the court’s enjoyment.

The judge, however, is having none of it: “He’s got problems,” she says in a kind of defeated tone after finally looking up. “Mom is here with a bag full of what looks like his medicine,” another woman assures her. “Okay,” the judge answers, sounding like she’d rather be anywhere but the courtroom.

I can’t really blame her, though, since I personally believe that Calvin’s twerking was fabulous. In fact, once his presumed sentence has come to an end, I think I’m going to hit him up for a dance party. I’m only hoping Calvin has learned his lesson and won’t be stealing my car.


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