Man Gets 47-Year Layover, Receives Hilarious Customer Service From Airline

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Long layovers can be a pain – especially if you’re made to wait 47 years. But one delightful social media manager has some useful recommendations for making the connection more bearable.

James Lloyd, a Skyscanner customer, recently booked a flight to London. He, however, had a layover in Bangkok that was an insane 413,786-hours long. So instead of waiting 47 years for the layover to end, he sent a Facebook message to Skyscanner and met Jen, the loveliest social media manager ever.

Jen gave a list of things James could do while in Bangkok, which includes: taking a river cruise, visiting the floating market, and learning Tai Chi.

The rest of the internet noticed Jen’s wit and humour, and quickly proclaimed her as their new hero. Even better, she responded by replying to their comments with Game of Thrones references and time travel conspiracy theories!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to James Lloyd’s complaint, Jen fixed the error and the man didn’t have to wait half a century to get home to London.







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