The Most Expensive Home In America Is For Sale, Valued At $250 Million! Take A Look Inside!

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most expensive house America

There is rich…and then there is mega rich. 

A super nice 65,000-acre piece of property has just hit the market in Texas, and it could be yours for only $250 million. The pricetage makes it America’s most expensive piece of property, and once you see the inside and all the goodies that come along with the property…you’ll see why. 

The ranch, named Mesa Vista, belongs to Texas oil baron T. Boone Pickens, who has owned it since 1971 when it was just a measly 2,000-acre lot he used for quail hunting.

Over the years, the 89-year-old tycoon has expanded a little bit….but only a little bit. (sarcasm) 

Mesa Vista’s crown jewel is a 33,000-square-foot main lodge, which is so spacious a family of five could move in and never bump into each other.




The house features vaulted ceilings, a two-story library, a 30-seat movie theater, and an industrial grade kitchen. The only thing that’s not included is Pickens’s huge art collection.

Picken’s would like to sell the property to another avid hunter, because he is leaving a lot of his hunting equipment behind. 

Pickup trucks, ammo and firearms, and a 50-dog kennel filled with bird dogs are all included in the $250 million price tag. The kennel also includes a veterinary lab and exercise area for the dogs.


There are 12 miles of water fixtures on the property, including man-made waterfalls, creeks and lakes.


There’s also a 12,000-square-foot guest house, a family house, a gate house and a personal pub. Mesa Vista even has its own chapel, although it may be bad luck. Pickens married his fifth wife there, and they’ve since divorced.

The property also includes a private airport, which is FAA-approved and features two bedrooms and bathrooms…for your personal pilots, of course. 

All photos featured in article via: Mesa Vista Ranch