Tips On Placing Buddha Statues In Your House

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There are numerous things that you can add to incorporate spirituality into your house. In fact, the possibilities are endless depending on your interest. If you want your home to give off a luxurious vibe, you can add an elegant decoration like a chandelier in your living room or a water fountain in your front yard. If you want to instill calmness and relaxation, you can place decorations that will encourage meditation and spirituality.

One example of this would be a Buddha statue. This type of statue gives a different vibe that makes you want to meditate and do some relaxing exercises. If you are somehow interested in Buddha statues, here are some tips on where you can place them in your house.

1. Outdoor area

You can place a Buddha statue for your yard to transform it into a calm and peaceful place for meditation. Transforming your outdoor space into an area for relaxation is not that difficult. You simply take out all of your yoga equipment outside and place them somewhere on your patio or gazebo.

Putting a Buddha statue in your outdoor sanctuary is a beautiful alternative. It brings more calmness and tranquility to the area, making it a more suitable place for meditation and relaxation. The very style and design of a Buddha statue are perfect for any space, regardless if you will place it in your yoga area or your garden. Maybe add some crystals to attract energy to your space.

2. Living room

According to Feng Shui, you can place your Buddha Statue in the living room because it is where most people gather and interact. Buddha statues give off tranquility and calmness, which is perfect for the living room.

If you want your guests or other family members gathering in the living room to experience a soothing ambiance, placing your Buddha statue in the living room would be perfect.

3. In front of the entrance door

A Buddha statue that is facing your entrance door is thought to be a good Feng Shui. According to some, placing a Buddha statue facing your entrance door will attract positive energy and fends off the negative chi that brings catastrophe and evil to your home.

But refrain from putting it directly in front of the door, for it might be broken if someone trips on the statue. Putting it on a table or a cabinet away from the main entrance is okay as long as the figure is facing the door.

4. Office room/Study Area

Buddha statues are also known for releasing optimistic energy that attracts positive chi that helps you or your children achieve academic goals. For entrepreneurs, it ignites success for the business. Most people recommend placing it somewhere near a desk or on top of a desk. Absorb the energy and attract prosperity while you work or study.

You can follow these tips if you are into Feng Shui and traditional hearsay, but take note that these are merely just suggestions. You can still place your Buddha statue wherever you like, and according to what you prefer, decorating and design are subjective.