Pairing Wine With Steak

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Matching Food and Wine

There are no definite chef rules for pairing wine with steak. But, the preferred combination is always a directly proportional formula. Slender-cut pieces of steaks are paired with light wines, and the heavy strips with fat are paired with high tannin wines.

Not a rule, but generally, the meat and the part of the body where it comes from slide into the deciding formula of which wine to pair it with. Similarly, different cuts of meat are processed to eat by using different recipes and barbeque techniques. While pairing it with wine, the concern lies in the nutritional balance and relishing flavor created by the combination.

To find some extraordinary wine, you might want to head to the online site of Millesima or head to the location in Bordeaux, indicating close relationships with traditional wine producers. They are a French Family oriented winery, reflecting a wide range of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. Let’s find out the best wines to pair with different types of meat cuts.


Sirloin is the most common type of meat cut that is grilled on a griller or just fried on a pan. These are the slender pieces of meat with an edge of fat that adds to the juicy texture. These pieces can be paired with French Syrah or Spanish Tempranillo. Usually, the sirloin is seasoned with a heavy sauce that can meddle with the combined savor of wine and steak.


The hard robust muscle of the animal is the rump. These are thick meat pieces with a notable edge of fat. These can be seasoned or marinated well before putting them on the grill. These are extremely juicy pieces that make the selection of wine quite difficult, but chefs have come up with interesting choices. Pairing rump with Monastrell or Italian Dolcetto can just make it perfect.


These are heavily juicy and thick meat cuts that are usually cooked in a smoker. Primarily, the best fuel to cook briskets are hickory, keeping in mind the wine is recommended. Pair briskets with Pomerol wine such as La Fugue de Nenin. These wines provide a relishing savor to the combination with smoky briskets.

Filet Mignon

Incredibly sleek steaks that offer strong flavors. These are widely popular among steak lovers and often grilled with salt, pepper, and butter. Meddling with the subtle flavor of filet mignon by seasoning with sauces is often avoided. The best wines to go with are Touriga Nacional and Red-blend Merlot. These wines are a perfect fit for Filet mignon that lets the steak dominate the flavor with the subtle introduction of fruity wine.


These are the fat-rich chewy meat that needs strong flavors of complimentary wine to make it savory. These can be marinated well to garner some added flavors, but the chewy nature is not a cure. Often less consumed, flank can be seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic to bring out a grilled flavor. This can be flavored with strong tannin wines like Nebbiolo and Malbec.