Photos of The Chernobyl Disaster You’ve Never Seen Before

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April 26, 1986 was a date many remember as the worst nuclear cataclysm mankind has witnessed. It may not have been the most explosive, or the one that killed the most people, but it was the most devastating and shocking disaster. It left an area of 1,600 square miles in Ukraine known as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone uninhabitable for at least 20,000 years!
A series of explosions destroyed Chernobyl’s reactor No. 4, that was ablaze for 10 days. It released a plume of radiation around the world. More than 50 reactor workers and emergency responders were killed in the immediate aftermath. More than 350,000 residents in surrounding areas like the town of Pripyat, with 50,000 residents were evacuated so suddenly they left most of their belongings and presumed they would eventually return after a few days.
The meltdown could have been averted if the people manning the reactor were properly trained, and if the equipment was up to date. Nevertheless, the incident happened. 33 years after, contamination is still prevalent, though some areas have resurging wildlife, and eventually returning residents. Photographs done at risky levels of radiation depict the scenario during and after the disaster.
View rare photos of the Chernobyl disaster: