Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Home Theater

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Is there anyone who does not like to watch movies in high audio and video quality? Probably no one. You can’t enjoy a season if its video is blurry or you can’t hear the dialogues. The same is in the case of the home cinema system.

You have to get the right sound system with a perfect screen to enjoy the best movie nights with your loved ones. Setting up a cinema in your home is easy if you have the right methods. Here are some easy steps for you to follow to set up your theater system without a professional’s help:

Step 1:

The first and foremost requirement for setting up a home theater system is a room. The room that you choose for your home theater system has to be less furnished. That means that it can not have excessive furniture in it; this can dampen the bass and lower the overall sound quality. A basement is always a good option.

Step 2:

Deciding the place for your TV screen is also an essential factor in this whole process. It has to be on such a site that is easily accessible to everyone sitting in the room. Set up the screen so that the audio and video are coherent.

You can not enjoy all the sounds coming from one side of the screen, which is why you have to set up the TV to place the subwoofers on either side of it.

Step 3:

Place your soundbar directly in front of you. The design of a soundbar comes in handy to fulfill this step. It can be easily mounted on the same wall as the TV screen, either above it or below it.

The crux to this matter is that all the dialogue sounds in your home theater will come out of the soundbar; the subwoofers are there to support them. That is why placing your soundbar in the front is a good idea.

Step 4:

The subwoofers can go in each corner of the room; this guarantees that the bass that comes with the sound will be distributed evenly in the whole room. Space will get saturated, and you will have the experience of your life listening to the tunes coming out of your home theater system.

If your soundbar isn’t paired with a subwoofer, check if it’s possible to build your system. If you want to upgrade, you can use your soundbar as a center speaker and add an additional sub and satellite speakers to further elevate the sound.

Step 5:

You will have to choose between two options, either you change your seating plan according to the home theater system or set up your theater system according to your sitting arrangement. Either way, the seating plan has to be foolproof so that the sound experience does not diminish.


We hope these steps will help you set your cinema-system like a pro. Just remember that the quality of the sound system and TV/Projector is important for having a cinema-like experience at home.