The Best Guide To Video Marketing On Social Media Sites In 2020

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The social media marketing strategy identifies video content as having an edge over other content types. Today, video is the preferred content type in Digital marketing, and it is going to dominate the domain in the years to come. As per the Cisco Research, people catch more than 1 billion hours of video watching daily. As such, irrespective of your scale of your operation, or the service market you serve, or even your products and/or services, video content must be a crucial component of your digital marketing plans and programs. The question is, where to start? Luckily, you will explore a plethora of resources that suffice to this task. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the key points in that regard.

Why do marketers prefer videos over other content?

There is no dearth in the content type that a marketer can employ in the digital marketing campaigns. However, they prefer video content over other resources, and for obvious reasons. Research suggests, today, 77% and more campaigns on digital marketing involve video content, producing the optimum engagement with the target audience. No matter the type of the products and services involved or the profile of the target audience, marketers will always prefer videos over other content types.

Videos trigger better attention and interest in the minds of your target audience. You can enhance the view by 65% or more, using video content. The fact is, such content is preferred by the audience over text-based, images, as well as any other content type. The audience considers videos more reliable, and they are more prone to watch the video until the end. Thus, a marketer can stand assured that the video content is going to produce the best impact on the target audience, securing the best engagement with the brand. As such, it is obvious that marketers will prefer video content over any other content type.

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What are the various Videos that you can utilize?

Before getting started, understand that there are a plethora of videos that you can utilize, and you must ensure that you are choosing the videos in a relevant manner. The slightest mismatch in this regard will produce the least impact, if nothing at all, or delivering a completely negative outcome. As such, it is vital that you are aware of the different kinds of videos.

  • Explainers- these videos aim to explain or demonstrate your products and services
  • Live/Vlogs- Live videos are just like live telecasting of your events, in this case involving the social media sites. Vlogs are blogs that run on videos, rather than text.
  • Interviews: Interview videos can feature the internal and external stakeholders of your business process, speaking about your business process as well as the products and services you offer.
  • Product Reviews: in these videos, you will shoot real people who have already availed your products and services. These videos speak about their experience with your products and/or services.
  • Advertisement Videos: these videos promote a specific product. You will find these videos very commonly on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. You can make amazing videos by using Youtube editors which are available in the markets.

 How to power your video marketing campaigns?

Once you have known the benefits of using video content and the various types of videos, it is the time to explore how to make the optimum use of these resources to drive a successful marketing campaign. Here come the important aspects in that regard:

1.  Identify your target audience and the specific solution that they are looking for: the first and foremost crucial social media marketing tips is that, you need to identify the profile of your target audience, and the specific information they are looking for. Unless you are aware of the choices and likings of your target audience, you cannot decide the video type you should ideally use. Likewise, you should try to deliver solutions to the specific queries that your target audience holds. This ensures that your videos get the optimum views and secures the best engagement with the target audience.

2. Get the right length: most importantly, you should get the length right. You are using these resources to deliver your message in the most impacting manner. If your videos are too short, you will not get the scope of speaking out the key points. On the other hand, excessively long videos start boring the viewers after a specific span, churning them away from your videos. As such, rather than accommodating all points upon one video, you should create a sequence, having different videos highlighting various aspects that you wish to communicate with your target audience.

3. Ensure the best visuals: you must ensure that the videos feature an impressive and elegant visual, which is the key to retain them on your videos until the end. As such, adopt the best shooting practices that will add some professional touch to the video, producing a better impact on your target audience. Remember, the first impression is always the strongest and lasting impression. If necessary, don’t hesitate to engage in professional services. Even if it involves a significant investment, you can certainly expect some delightful results at the end.

4. Make your videos well-targeted: you must be targeting the videos with the most relevant community of customers, interested in the product and service types that you deal with. This is the most important point to ensure that your campaigns taste success, addressing the key issues that your target audience holds.

5. Reuse your best videos: you must closely and constantly monitor the performance of your marketing videos. You should remove the under-performing videos at the earliest, while you should reuse the high performing ones from time to time, maybe with some editing. This simple trick can produce the most delightful outcome if you do the right thing in the right manner and at the precise time.

Always use the most engaging and compelling titles to your videos that will give your audience a taste about the resource. Keep things simple, and ensure that your videos comply with your branding policy and strategy so that your brand is continuously within the attention of the target audience.