The ‘What Happens If You Don’t Have Enough Money To Pay’ Social Experiment

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A social experiment conducted by OmarGoshTv shows us what business owners and cashiers do when they are put in a situation where the customer comes up a little short for the bill.

Some are nice and others are not.

As the social experiment does shed some light on the kindness of others and the not so kindness of others…there was a part of the video that struck me as odd.

The part of the video where the two children are at Wendy’s and they come up short on the bill. The cashier tells them to ‘hold on a moment’, punches a few things up on the computer, takes their dollar and then gives them what they had asked for and didn’t have enough money for in the first place.

The problem I see here is this. The cashier was given a note after with a $100 bill in side of it, thanking her for her kindness. However, it truly appears that the cashier did not put any of her own money in the cash drawer, just the initial one dollar bill. If you stop the video at 1:55 you will notice that there is only one line still on the screen for the current order. Which means, the cashier either changed the price of the item manually, or punched up another $1.00 item in place of the initial $2.02 order.

So…with that said, the cashier wasn’t necessarily being so kind, but she was actually stealing from the company she works for. She made a decision on the companies behalf to lower the price of an item, or tell the computer system another item was being served when in fact it was not. In reality, she has no right to do such a thing.

All in all the video has a great vibe behind it, the part that took place at Wendy’s just sort of took the whole kindness element out of it for me.

What do you all think?

Source : Youtube