Homeless Man Does Something Remarkable During Social Experiment Video

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What started out as a social experiment by Youtuber Johal, ended in a life lesson for all parties involved.

The focus of the social experiment was to find out if strangers would help someone find their lost child. If a stranger would take a moment, time out of their day to help someone else. The experiment really never made it any further than this one, young homeless man. A man with a heart larger than most and an incredible viewpoint on life and humanity.

Johal approached the homeless man as he sat curbside, holding a cardboard sign. Johal showed the man a flyer of a little girl and asked him if he had seen her. Johal explained that a few days prior, his little girl went missing the area. The homeless man advised Johal that he had not seen the little girl and as Johal was walking away the man stopped him.

The man asked if he could keep the flyer and call him if he spotted the little girl. Johal obliged and went on his way. For the rest of the day, hour after hour the homeless man held up that little girls missing flyer. His cardboard sign lay face down on the pavement while his hands held the flyer, raised up above his head until the dark hours of the night.

Johal filmed the man all day, waiting to see if he would stray from helping, he never did. Finally Johal approached the man and told him about the experiment. What the homeless man said to Johal was truly inspiring and rather incredible.

Johal handed the man $200, told him to get himself a room for the night and some food and the two parted ways.

Check out the video, it is simply wonderful!

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