This Creative Guy Transforms His Old iPhone Into An Art Piece By Meticulously Taking It Apart

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Having your phone retire on you after a couple of years is inevitable, but it is something everyone sadly has to go through. While most people sell or simply throw away their old mobiles, this Reddit user TheIncorporeal converted his broken phone into a piece of art. 

Making use of his dead iPhone and artistically deconstructing it into individual parts inside a wooden frame turned out to be an innovatively creative idea.  

TheIncorporeal is no stranger to tech art as this isn’t the first one he’s deconstructed and created. The artist has also made use of parts of other iPhone models like an iPhone 5, 4S and 4. The realists have turned out to be surprisingly interesting, most especially his recent work that could definitely  be displayed in an art gallery. The battery, logic board and screen, including other more minuscule elements have been thoughtfully arranged inside the glass frame. He even included tiny screws into the grid-like pattern. 


“It isn’t a very difficult process, it just takes a long time. I used a very small Philips head to remove all the screws and I took apart everything I could. I then found a nice frame with two panes of glass. I then arranged the components how I liked and then glued them directly onto the glass.” The artist wrote on Reddit. 

If you want to turn your old phone into memorabilia, TheIncorporeal is now accepting commissions. Contact him directly through his email: [email protected] and get yourself a new piece of art! 


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