10 Affordable Less-Known Tools For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a modern, effective, and affordable solution for everyone to promote their business. However, your success still depends on various things, such as budget, time and effort you are willing to spend, and, of course, tools that you use. Today, you can find more than 6,500 options geared towards implementing digital marketing strategies.

Obviously, you cannot leverage on them all, but what to choose? There is a range of the most popular choices for business owners to grab in the first instance, but there are also less-known yet not less effective tools to use in your favor.

We offer an overview of 10 great tools for effective digital marketing, selected based on the following factors:

  •         affordability
  •         focus on specific tasks
  •         great customer service

So, keep reading this article to find out what those tools are and how they can help you in achieving your goal.

1 Mailshake

Reaching your potential and existing customers via email is surely a good strategy to promote your business, and you can perfectly use Mailshake for this. It allows sending cold emails right from your box.

Not only can you mail out messages but also monitor people’s reactions. For instance, you will know when your recipients open an email and click on links in it. Moreover, this piece of software also allows reaching potential customers by phone and through social media platforms. To familiarize yourself with it, you can book a free demo right on the site.

2 Bannersnack

This cloud-based tool is perfect for creating stunning banners. This is how you can make attractive ads on your site, and they will be seamlessly displayed on any device. The tool is very easy to use. You can include various elements in your banner, such as:

  •         videos
  •         pictures
  •         animations
  •         text
  •         links

There are many great templates to choose from and customize later as you wish. You can use drag-and-drop elements to add them to your banner instantly and buttons for adding text, for instance.

While this tool is available in a free version, to access more interesting features, you need to choose a pricing plan matching your needs and budget.

3 Wordable

One of the typical tasks that every site owner needs to do is to add fresh content. If it is an article per week or so, you do not really need any additional tools. If you are serious about attracting more traffic to your website, then you need to publish content regularly and even several articles at once. Wordable is what can help you to do that in a few clicks.

You just need to get your content prepared in Google Docs for posting and then promote it via services like this best free press release site. All the elements and formatting will remain the same. Do you have several websites to fill out with various posts? Then Wordable is an essential tool for you.

While a free plan is available, you can opt for a paid version as well.

4 CognitiveSEO

It is crucial to monitor the results of your SEO efforts, and the CognitiveSEO tool is what can help you a lot. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to SEO gurus.

The list of its most interesting features includes:

  •         research of keywords
  •         comprehensive backlinks audit
  •         monitoring competitors’ data
  •         content optimization tool
  •         daily rankings info

You can test this feature in a free trial version. If you are happy about it, you can opt for a paid version.

5 Mention

Would you like to know what people on the web think about your brand? Then just use Mention! It is a great monitoring tool, which works across social media to help you find out opinions about your company. Moreover, you can also track what users think about your competitors and the industry in general.

By using this tool, you will be able to achieve the following goals:

  •         monitor your performance on social media
  •         find influencers
  •         build a good reputation
  •         provide effective customer service

A 14-day demo version is available, which is more than enough to evaluate the effectiveness of this amazing tool.

6 WooRank

It is another decent SEO audit solution for analyzing the effectiveness of your site. You will access not only important data but also helpful recommendations on the improvement of your results.

For the analysis of your website, the following metrics will be used:

  •         keywords
  •         rankings in search results
  •         search volume
  •         traffic volume
  •         user behavior and more

It is quite a challenging job to keep the productiveness of your website under your full control. It may take you lots of time, preventing you from focusing on other important things. With WooRank, you will be able to manage your tasks quickly and more effectively. If something goes wrong, the tool will notify you.

WooRank will provide you with necessary data to compare yourself with competitors. You will be able to make sure that your website is properly ranked and use effective methods to reach better results.

A trial version is available for 14 days. Also, there is a range of pricing plans, which allows choosing the best option.

7 Cumul.io

Using a convenient dashboard is very important for effective management. Thanks to Cumul.io, you can create your own version to fully match your needs. The tool comes with an uncomplicated drag-and-drop interface and various features, such as connecting data from different databases.

Your dashboard can be easily integrated into your platform and then shared with your team. This solution is suitable for a wide range of industries from Marketing to Healthcare. It is fine if you have no previous knowledge of building dashboards, as you can find all the helpful tutorials on the website of the developer.

If you are interested in this product, you can opt for a 10-day evaluation version. The pricing plans include startup, basic, and professional.