Special Needs High School Basketball Player Gets The Shot Of A Lifetime

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We can’t get enough of stories like this. Stories that can make you tear up just by hearing or watching them. This story no doubt will make you smile.

Here’s a kid named Mitchell who has been a huge basketball fan since a kid. He helps out on the team and is the coach’s favorite right hand man. Mitchell is also special needs.

In a surprise move by the coach, Mitchell gets the word to suit on up and get in the game. It was the end of the season, the last game, and it was time to allow those who don’t always get the opportunity to excel, to be given some play time. He gets out there and fires away, shot after shot, but he just can’t seem to connect. He didn’t score any baskets, but the coach had hoped just being in the game was enough. But then something happened.

We don’t want to spoil the ending of this incredible story, so take a moment and watch the video below.



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