It Took Him The Entire Year To Make This Skateboarding Video, But The Final Result Is Mind-Blowing

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As if skateboarding wasn’t cool enough, Darren Pearson, a Los Angeles-based artist who also goes under the name of Darius Twin, has just made it look even more dope.


Armed with a long exposure camera and LED light, he snaps photos using complex light effects and then turns them into ridiculously brilliant videos.

The video titled “Light goes on”, one of Pearson’s latest projects, features a skeleton skateboarder taking over the streets of San Diego. It combines 700 individual long exposure shots of the skater and took an entire year to make. Given the amount of time that goes into snapping each photo, that’s hardly surprising.


Pearson uses a technique called “light-painting”.


He draws figures in the air with led light and uses long exposure photography to capture them.


Nothing is Photshopped!


The photographer himself is only dimly visible in dark because the light is not aimed at him.


Pearson took about 700 photos of a skeleton figure …


If you’d like to learn more about the technique Pearson uses, head straight to his website.

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