VIDEO | Crazy Pastor Tells Children In Mall That Santa Is Not Real And Has Parents Seeing Red

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His name is Pastor Dave Grisham and he runs a group called Repent Amarillo. His group has been labeled a hate group by many and in the video below…it is easy to see why. 

Grisham recently posted a video of himself at a Texas mall telling children in line to see Santa, that Santa is not real and that their parents are lying to them. 

Grisham went on for nearly 3-minutes, yelling about Santa not being real and that Christmas is about Jesus, not Santa. About half way through his rant a few father’s confronted Grisham and they were not pleased. 

Grisham certainly seems to be off his rocker!

Grisham’s Facebook videos are just as odd as the one below. 

What do you think about Grisham? Did he have the right to do such a thing? Was it truly spreading love, or was it simply and hate filled rant?


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