VIDEO | Watch An Idiotic Arsonist Set Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn Down A Business

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Not only did this idiot set himself on fire…his license plate is in clear view of the security cameras…which are super clear!

According to the Madisonville Police Department, a video of a female passenger getting out of a white van and then swinging an object at a door of a building is followed by the male driver tossing something towards the building. He then gets out of the van and tosses a bottle (assumed to contain flammable liquid) at the building. Suddenly, flames can be seen coming from the area where the liquid was thrown, and the man is caught on camera running, flames engulfing his legs and shorts as he runs across the parking lot like a chicken with its head cut off. Yes, the arsonist set himself on fire.

Police say the building is a new business in town and are asking anyone with information to contact police.

Sure enough, this clear moment of evolution failure happened in the only state that has a Creation Museum, so it is fitting that this event would take place in Kentucky.

I’m certain that when he is caught and he denies involvement, the police will call him a, “Liar liar” with his “pants on fire.”


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