VIDEO | TV Host Stabbed In The Hand After Major Magician Fail

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Ever wonder what would happen if a magic trick goes wrong? Well, you are about to find out.

Marzena Rogalska is a Polish TV personality and she was the victim of a magic trick gone wrong.

Rogalska enjoys putting herself in daring position and trying new things, but it finally catches up with her when magician Marcin Poloniewicz is a guest on her TV show. He finished as a semi-finalist in Poland’s Got Talent and was on the show to showcase is magical talent, or lack there of.

Marcin places a sharp spike inside one of four brown paper bags. He then mixes the bags up and lines the up in a row. Slamming his hand down on one of the paper bags, voila, he doesn’t hit a spike. Next up, Rogalska! With a little help from Marcin, she slams her hand down on one of the paper bags and boom! She drives her hand right down on to a spike and she lets the world know just how much it hurt with a series of ouch, ooh’s and ahh’s.

Check it out for yourself below.



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