How ExpressVPN Is Performing For Canadians?

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Are you someone who is thinking to move to Canada? If yes, then you should know one thing, the internet networks are ‘OPEN’ in Canada. It means that it is available for all the public. And this is something that has forced the Canadian nationals to look for some solution to keep their browsing safe and their privacy intact! Which led them to ExpressVPN! It is one of the most secure, fast, large and well-regarded VPN services, especially in Canada. 

Many Canadians are using this VPN service to keep their IP/Server address anonymous. But is ExpressVPN in Canada really a competitive, ultimate solution? If you want to find out about whether this VPN is worth giving a try then don’t hesitate to continue reading!

Pros and Features of ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN has taken over the majority of the Canadian territory, because of its spectacular features! One of the biggest reasons why people are going crazy for this VPN is that it provides a very strong encryption code to ensure no-leaks and tough security.

Even the VPN application is reliable and secure. It allows the users to self select the VPN Protocols based on their preference and network type such as Automatic, UDP-OpenVPN, TCP-OpenVPN, etc.

Another great thing about this VPN is that it also has a ‘Kill Switch’ or ‘Network Lock’ for its OS and router applications. This feature keeps your network secure and blocks all the internet traffic even when the VPN connection is weak. In simple words, your data, as well as IP Address, remains secure & hidden.

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Data security and privacy is one thing, but the speed of this VPN is also its tempting feature. Unlike all the other VPN services, ExpressVPN offers an extremely incredible speed to its users. So they can enjoy uninterpreted video streaming, faster torrent downloading and speedy internet surfing. The speed test results from various speed testing websites show an average speed of 140+Mbps for this VPN.

It has other features as well such as Split Tunneling, No-log VPN provider that is audited, has web extensions as well as applications for router and smartphone devices and many more.

But Nothing Good Comes For Free!

No doubt the features of ExpressVPN are unique and incredibly awesome, but the VPN is not free. In fact, it is not even near to ‘Free.’ One thing that might force people to use some other VPN network is its COST! ExpressVPN is considered as one of the most expensive VPN service providers throughout the region. The cost of this VPN starts from $12.95/monthly to $155/annually.

Despite the high cost of this VPN, people all over Canada are using it. And why shouldn’t they? The high-speed and strong security encryption code of this VPN is enough to lure the internet surfers into buying their services. Each feature such as speed, security, leak protection, etc is all tested multiple times and proves that ExpressVPN is worth every single dime of its cost.