Best Answers For Common Interview Questions

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When you get a call inviting you for an interview, you’ll have a mixture of feelings. First, you’ll be excited because you could be finally landing your dream job. On the other hand, it’s normal to feel anxious about how the interview will go. It’s not easy to know what your interviewer will ask, but we know the most common questions. Below, we’ll look at some of the common interview questions, and we’ll advise you on how best to answer them.

  1. How Would You Describe Yourself?

This question mostly feels unnecessary because you feel that everything the interviewer needs to know about you is already in the resume. However, your interviewer wants to know what you haven’t written in your resume. You should tell them more about your background but be careful, though, not to overshare and bore them. Make sure your story aligns with the job position you’re seeking. You can tell them what inspired you to pursue your career. You can also tell them what you do away from your job related to your job.

  1. How Did You Learn About the Position?

Interviewers want to know if you were actively seeking for their company, if you were referred by an employee or a shareholder in the company or if you were recruited. Tell them how you got to know about the company and how it aligns with your goals. If you learned about their company by yourself, also share what really interested you. It could be the company values or the mission. Show them that you chose their company over others for a good reason. If someone referred you, please mention it and say how you relate with the person who referred you. Don’t assume that the interviewer knows. Tell them why you accepted and how the position aligns with your career goals if you were recruited.

  1. Are You Able to Work Under Pressure?

The employer is seeking to know how you deal with stressful situations. Will you remain calm and hold it together, or will you break down? Every company has some very stressful moments, including when deadlines are fast approaching. Tell them the exact steps you take to keep you in check. If remaining calm under pressure is something you’re learning, mention it and explain how far you have gone. You can visit to learn more on how to answer this question.

  1. Do You Prefer Independent Work or Teamwork?

Before you even apply for the job, you must have done extensive research. Your answers should be based on the cultures of the company. Some companies require you to work independently, while some require you to work as a team. The best way to answer this is by highlighting your best qualities that suit both scenarios. It would be good to compare teamwork and independent working by giving the merits and demerits of each.

  1. How Much Salary Do You Expect?

Before going for the interview, do your research and know how much is usually paid for that position. You can check online or ask other employees on LinkedIn. Always use a range, not a specific figure. Say a higher amount to leave room for a downward bargain. Never bring up the salary questions too early. Let your interviewer bring them up.

Bottom line

After learning all these answers, be sure to use your own words and experiences. Don’t rehearse because, most probably, the interviewer has heard all the rehearsed versions and would prefer someone authentic.