27 Of The Wealthiest People On The Planet

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Source: AWesome Jelly

Many of us dream of wealth and fame. A select few have made their dreams come true – celebrities worked hard for their popularity, and billionaires worked hard for their fortune. The early 20th century saw very rich people like Rockerfeller, Getty, and Onassis. Not to mention the Royals of different nations who also have amassed fortunes. But, the changing times have even ushered in richer people. Who knows what the future holds in store for us? There are many billionaires around the globe, with the US and China having the most number of them. But there are a select few who are the rich of the rich, the top billionaires on the planet. This is a listing of some of the known richest people on Earth. Though there may be some that we don’t know about. Wealth changes in time, some get richer, and some get poorer. New names may pop up next year, but for now, these are the wealthiest humans on the planet.
Read on to discover the richest people on Earth: