7 Amazing Hen’s Party Venues In Brisbane

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Organising a hen’s party can easily be considered one of the exciting pre-wedding preparations. And this task is normally assigned to the maid of honour. If this is your first time organising an event like this, the first thing you need to think about is the venue. Get the venue covered and the rest of the other preps will fall into place as you can delegate some of the tasks to some of the staff at the accommodation.

If you’re planning to have your event in Queensland, these venue options in Brisbane might be worth considering.

1. Surfers Point

Located at Southbeach Social, Surfer’s Point is famous for its laid-back atmosphere and an exclusive area perfect for small parties and gatherings. The area can accommodate up to 28 people. Live entertainment is available to help guests relax and feel at home as they dine or sip their cocktails. The in-house caterer also serves gluten-free and vegan menu. These perks and more are priced at $65 per person.

2. Factory 51

The Factory 51 function room is a great pick if you’re looking to treat your female friends to some mouth-watering Italian cuisine, desserts, and canapés. You can have a private room with long timbre tables all to yourselves. That way, you’ll have more freedom to do the activities you’d want to do. Yes, a giant chandelier is already there to add glamour to the area. But you can add your own decors.

3. Ovolo the Valley’s The Conservatory

Located at Fortitude Valley, Ovolo the Valley is perfect if you’re looking for a venue that can accommodate a larger group. The area can host up to 48 guests. And it is already equipped with facilities (e.g., projector, Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV, music speakers) you can use for the games. Ovolo the Valley is also known as a designer hotel fitted with artwork and colourful decors. This means you can also expect elegance and glamour inside the premises. Aside from The Conservatory, Ovolo The Valley also has other venue options you can choose from, including Pool Side, The Games Room, and The Harem.

4. Kingpin Chermside’s Room 300

The rate per person ranges from $50 to $100 inclusive of gourmet canapé, hourly drinks, and activities. The minimum spend per session is $2500. The area has its built-in music speakers can accommodate up to 36 people. And you can play bowling and request for drinks and alcohol to be served.


5. Southbank Beer Garden

Take your friends to Southbank Beer Garden and indulge in refreshing drinks and vegan or gluten-free foods. Have some quiet talks with your friends as you marvel at the stunning view of the beach and the river. You can enjoy these and more at $65 per person per session. And you also have six venue options – Hoegaarden, The Terrace, Garden Restaurant, River Room, Live Bar, and Street Deck.

6. Canvas Club

Take your friends away from the noise of the city and into Brisbane’s award-winning vintage-inspired function space at Canvas Club. Located inside a heritage-listed building, Canvas Club has two event options – The Hemmingway Inside Bar ($2000 per session) and Blank Canvas Courtyard ($3000 per session). You could also occupy the whole area at $12,000 per session.

7. The Wineries at Mount Tamborine

Lastly, what better way to treat your bride-to-be friend than to tour her around Brisbane’s top wineries? If this sounds like an awesome idea, have your hen’s party at one of the wineries at Mount Tambourine. Then, avail of a wine tour package that will feature two or more of the following wineries:

  1. Witches Falls Winery
  2. Tamborine Mountain Distillery
  3. Mason Wines
  4. Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery
  5. Heritage Estate Wines
  6. Albert River Wines

Choose a suitable place where you can stay after the wine tour. Check out Yarra Valley winery accommodation.

Remember that when organising a hen’s party, the choice of venue plays a huge role in your party experience. You’d be having games, and it might be inevitable for your group to be a little noisy, emotional, or naughty during the event. So pick a place that will ensure you’ll have the privacy you need. You might also like to plan out the hen’s party ideas, themes, and activities you’d like to have. That way, you can decide effectively, whether to go for the Factory 51 function room, The Harem, or the Canvas Club.