10 Black Friday Fights That Make Shoppers Look Absolutely Crazy And Not Very Merry!

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The day after Thanksgiving is called ‘Black Friday’ and as many of you know, this means crazy deals on products in most all stores throughout the country. In many cases, the deals are awesome but very, very limited. With the deals so good and so limited, consumers go absolutely crazy trying to get their hands on them.

Every Black Friday social media is filled with videos taken by bystanders as they watch the mayhem which is Black Friday in their own hometown stores. Below you will see 11 of these insane videos from past Black Friday’s.

People fighting, grown adults stealing products right out of the hands of children. It is absolutely crazy. People have even died after being trampled on. All for a product…on sale…probably made in China.

Just a friendly reminder…if you are going BF shopping this year…don’t be like the people in the video’s below!

This was over a steamer.


Looks like Texas had a TV shortage!


There was an actual stampede.


That escalated quickly.


Complete chaos!


The police had a hard time handling this situation.


A Walmart employee even jumped into the mix.


Sometimes s**t goes down in the frozen food section.


This guy tried to hit a police officer. Where is the Christmas cheer?


Sometimes you just want a good deal on some undies!

Need more? Here is a 15-Minute compilation for you.