7 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pool Pristine And Sparkling

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Having a pool and maintaining it are different stories. But would you think the same way if the pool was brimming with algae, dust, and leaves floating around? Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pool as pristine as you desire. Check out the following seven tips that will help you keep your pool in top shape for years to come.

1. Check the water levels

You want the water in your pool to remain at optimum levels. If the level is below the opening of the skimmer, it won’t be able to remove the floating debris effectively. In such a case, use a hose to add the amount of water needed. On the other hand, add too much water, and the pool equipment can get damaged. To solve this problem, use a submersible pump to remove the excess.

2. Keep an eye on the chemicals

Removing the dirt is important, but you should never forget about the chemicals that are necessary to keep the pool from becoming a swamp. The chemicals that you should always pay attention to are chlorine residual, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, and PH. Chlorine residual keeps bacteria from multiplying and its recommended levels should be around 1.0 to 1.5 ppm. Alkalinity (80 to 120 ppm) keeps the PH stable. Cyanuric acid (30 to 50 ppm) prevents the degradation of chlorine due to sunlight. Calcium hardness (220 to 350 ppm) reduces the damage to the pool. PH (7.2 to 7.8) determines the acidity of the water and should be kept at certain levels to prevent irritation of the eyes and skin. Purchase a test kit and use it once a week to check the levels of all these chemicals.

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3. Skim and scrub consistently

A pristine pool requires plenty of skimming and scrubbing. You have to skim the surface of the water every day and get rid of leaves and other debris that you might see floating around. Remember to clean the bottom of the pool as well. You can vacuum the dirt away manually or use a robot that will take care of the problem for you. To keep the sides of the pool spotless, you will need to use a scrub brush to eliminate the algae that tend to accumulate on the walls. Scrubbing is only necessary twice a month unless you have a serious algae problem.

4. Take care of the filter

One of the most important components of every pool is the filter. It is the part that removes all debris from the water including leaves, dirt, and insects. It doesn’t take long before the filter gets clogged, so it’s essential to clean it. To do so, turn it off, remove the cap, pick up the filter basket and clean everything. Do this weekly to keep your filter in top shape.

5. Remember to shock the pool

Once in a while, the water in the pool will look muddy. This typically occurs after the pool has been used for a prolonged time. If the water seems murky, that’s a sign that bacteria is growing at a fast rate. It’s at this moment that you should consider shocking the pool. Although you don’t need electricity, you may have to get a bucket of chlorine to do it. Shocking the pool is a process where a massive amount of chlorine (approximately four times the normal amount) or another chemical is added to the water to eliminate an excess of bacteria. It is done by tossing granules or pouring liquid chlorine all over the water and letting the pump filter do its job afterward. Once the water is crystal clear, the procedure is complete.

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6. Use a tennis ball

Tennis balls are fun to play with, especially in a pool. However, their presence can do much more than entertain you. You can throw them in the water to absorb all the chemicals that shouldn’t be there. Sunblock, hair products, and even the natural oils found in the skin can be taken care of by letting a tennis ball float around.

7. Call an expert

Pools are more than just big holes filled with water. They have pipes, control valves, skimmers, filters, heaters, pumps, and motors. Each piece of equipment requires maintenance, and you may not be able to fix all the issues that may arise by yourself. Even if everything seems to be working in perfect order, scheduling a visit from a professional is something that should be done at least once a year. An expert can pinpoint a potential problem that you may not be aware of before it becomes a major expense.

The idea of swimming during the hot summer days, having a pleasant conversation with friends and just unwinding at the poolside in your backyard after a long day has always been enticing; not mentioning having a beautiful Brisbane glass pool fence around it to make it safer and more mesmerizing as well.

Having a pool with crystal clear water all year round is possible. Of course, you need to pay attention to it if you want to keep it that way. Follow each tip, and you won’t have to spend more time cleaning than enjoying it.