Adding a Pool to Your Back Garden

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When summer is in full swing and temperatures start to soar, you probably wish you had a swimming pool at home to keep you cool and enjoy with your family and friends. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t as it will add a little bit of value to your home and no doubt make your garden the most used area in the house. Depending on the style and materials you want to go for, there’s always a way of making this home project available for every budget, you may just need to shop around a little beforehand.

The first piece of advice you should always check up on before embarking a large project such as this is to ask your local council or building authority whether you need to apply for planning permission, although you are not actually building a new structure with an outdoor pool you are changing the landscape of your home significantly so it’salways best to seek advice beforehand.

When you know it’s ok to go ahead with the build, you’ll need to decide which pool shape will suit your garden best, not only will you need to look at the space you have available but what you’ll be using the pool for. If it is mainly orientated around exercise you may want a sleek and narrow pool that functions purely for swimming lengths and burning calories. If your new pool is going to host lots of family friends and the occasional water polo competition, then a wider design would be more suitable.


Consider that of the children around your home and any safety features that should be installed alongside the basic requirements. Gated fencing is always a good idea to avoid any unnecessary accidents and a robust pool cover should stop any wild animals falling in. If you decide to heat your pool during the colder months, a cover will also help retain the heat and reduce those heating bills down to a minimum which is much better for you and the environment.

Hiring in the professionals such as Pascoe’s Plumbers to help install any filters and additional features around your pool. If you live in a particularly warm area throughout the year you could enjoy the benefits of an outdoor shower, perfect for washing off seawaterif you live close to the beach and love to surf. It could even be used to wash off muddy pets during the wetter winter months and save them from bringing dirt inside the house.

Make the most of the space you have available and add outdoor heating and plenty of seating around the pool for barbecuing and entertaining during the evenings. Everyone knows the benefits of being outdoors and how it can help relax you and improve your mental health, so it makes sense to make your garden as appealing as possible, drawing you away from computer devices inside and create and enjoy precious moments with your family outside at home.