7 Ways to Select a Bouncy Mattress Within Your Budget

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Kids love to play; in the bathroom, the balcony, hallway and of course, the room. You would catch kids either jumping around the room or turning the bed into a trampoline—and they are quite good at what they do.

You probably love watching them play happily. However, they would need something more than an ordinary mattress to facilitate their play-life – a bouncy mattress.



Perhaps, you have a romantic partner who is good at sex. Since innerspring mattresses provide some bounce, getting one would help both of you get into rhythm faster; maximizing enjoyment.

For whatever reason you need a bouncy mattress, you must consider your finance. This is why this article was written; to help you purchase one that is budget-friendly.


Here are some tips you might find helpful when getting a budget-friendly mattress:

Look beyond big brand names

Big names like amazon usually come with big prices. So why go for big mattress-selling companies when you can get the same quality in smaller companies at a ridiculously cheap price? Truly, small companies such as IKEA, have gotten smart in creating a cheaper quality mattress.

Check out product reviews

The internet has made beneficial information closer to us. Getting yourself armed with the right info- by looking through innerspring mattress reviews- brings you closer to making the right choices and perhaps, saving a few bucks. As always, do not take in info from just any site. Instead, look through credible product review sites. Compare different mattress, and obtain the best. If you are going for a ghost bed mattress, ensure you buy the Ghostbed original mattress

Get the mattress yourself

If you are looking to save some dollars, it is advisable you get your mattress yourself- from the store. Again, you can’t be really sure about the specs you see online. Getting it yourself from the store guarantees you will get the value for your money. Not only that, you can be sure to cut off delivery expenses from your budget.


Don’t buy new box springs.

A key to managing your finances: make use of the old to supplement the new. The same applies to setting up a budget-friendly mattress.

You know those things that raise your mattress’s height, although the same width and length as the mattress? They are the box springs. Most likely, they wouldn’t be damaged. Eventually, if they are, take them for repairs instead of acquiring a new one. Again, your innerspring mattress would be enough to complement its bouncy nature. Wasting money on buying new box springs wouldn’t be too good; considering you are working on a budget.

Don’t go for sticker prices

Another benefit when you buy from stores: you can haggle down the price. In a study, Consumer Reports discovered that at least 72% of customers were successful in haggling down the prices of mattresses in the store. Why pay the sticker price if you can cut down the price? Remember – as a rule of thumb, never pay the sticker price, but aim for at least 50% off.

Look at the warranties.

Most likely, your budget might be constant for the next few years. So, it is a good idea, in general, to look through the mattress warranty before making any purchase. So as to avoid any further load on your budget, getting a mattress with good warranty system is important. But then, don’t be swayed by long warranty periods- it’s all about quality.

Hit at the right time

There is nothing compared to buying stuff in a season where prices are ridiculously low. Are you are trying to purchase a mattress during anniversaries or during festive seasons? Are there discounts on purchase during that period? Stores offer periods where the prices are cut. Look out for these times and grab the opportunity. You would be doing a favor to your budget.

Wrapping up

It’s all about being smart. Don’t go for a low quality mattress because of financial constraints. You can get a high quality mattress without spending so much. With a good mattress, trust me- you would wake up feeling younger than your age.