How To Keep Your Old Folks Safe?

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It’s not the easiest thing to watch your parents growing old and becoming helpless and weak. At some point in life, we become aware of the fact that the time has come for us to take care of them. That can be exhausting physically and, especially, emotionally. Good thing is that we can do a few things that will make this easier for us and our loved ones.


Prevent falls

You probably know that fractures can be fatal for seniors. That kind of injury heals too slowly. If you want to avoid that risk you need to make the home fall-safe.

  • Provide your parents with non-slip footwear. They can wear slippers with rubber, non-slip bottoms.
  • Throw away rugs. It’s very easy to fall over the carpet edge, especially in case of lack of a rubberized backing to better grip the floor. If you don’t want to throw away carpets, tape them to the floor so they do not move when somebody walks on them.
  • Buy your parents a cane or a walker. That will help them to avoid holding onto walls and furniture.

Write emergency numbers

You want them to keep emergency numbers handy in case they need it. If they have a cell phone pay attention do they use it with ease or they are struggling with it. If the phone has too many options, buy your parents a more basic model. They should have a phone with a bigger keyboard and display.

In case they don’t have a cell phone write them emergency numbers on a piece of paper and keep it near their phone. On a list of emergency numbers add a family member’s or neighbor’s phone number.


Choose a medical alert system

This could be a lifesaving solution for your elders. A medical system alert is a good option if you have an aging loved one that needs additional help, but still can move in the house on his/her own and doesn’t need to go to the nursing home. If that’s your case try to find the best medical alert systems for them.

These days you can find all kinds of medical alert systems with different specifications on the market. One feature is the same for all of them. All medical alert systems include at least one remote device. Some of them are designed as a pendant to be worn on a necklace or on a wrist as a bracelet.

All systems use a base that is attached to the home’s landline. Remote devices have a button that elders can press in case of an emergency. When the button is pressed seniors are connecting to emergency help. Most systems allow two-way voice communication between the monitoring company and seniors in need. If a fallen senior cannot speak the base should send an automatic alert.

Today many people also chose home security systems with cameras. Thanks to them the protection of home and loved ones has never been easier.

Undertake safety measures in the bathroom

A bathroom is a critical place for elders. Slippery surfaces and unstable movements can be a fatal combination. To avoid bathroom hazards try to take care of the following:

  • Install a nightlight in the bathroom

This will help elders who have to go to the bathroom often during the night to find their way.

  • Replace a toilet seat

Install a raised toilet seat with hand bars. It will be much easier to sit and stand for elders.

Find a chair that will fit in the shower that will make showering moments easier and safer.

  • Install grab bars

With grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet visiting the bathroom will be easier.

  • Put rubber mats

If you want to prevent slipping in the bathtub placing rubber mats in it will be the best option.