Top Tips for Washing Children’s Clothes

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Children are brilliant, but it has to be said that from day one they know how to make a mess. This results in an almost constant cycle of laundry, at least in the first five years. With the average cost of raising a child in America hitting the $233,610 figure, keeping clothes in the game longer is not just a good idea but a necessity.

In this post, we look at top laundry tips for cleaning kids’ clothes and how to properly wash baby clothes, which is essential if you are a parent.

Wash your Baby’s Clothes Before they Wear them

Before you dress your newborn, make sure you wash their clothes first. This is considered a good practice as any bacteria on the clothes may infect your baby. A newborn’s immune system is still developing and washing the clothes before they are worn reduces the risk of harmful infections.

In fact, it is a good idea to wash all of your children’s clothes before first wear to prevent skin irritation.

Soak Stains!

Stains! They tend to appear daily with children, and this tends to follow them into the teenage years. To remove a stain, soak it in water, add detergent directly to it, leave it to work for a while, then wash it. Spaghetti, grass, and sauces tend to vanish if you do this.

Food Stains on Party Clothes

Food stains on party clothing are common. Excited kids tend to result in messy kids, and things like ketchup and other hard to remove food usually finds its way all over party clothing. It is quite remarkable just how covered these clothes can become. A good policy is to use wet wipes on party clothes.

As party clothes are often made from delicate fabrics, a little bit of rubbing with a wet wipe will help to remove the food stain. It feels like magic when it this happens. So cast your spells!

Check the Label

As life seems to run at a hundred miles per hour, it is very easy to skip this step and just put the clothes in the washing machine and press the on or start switch. This can ruin clothes and impacts your budget. Depending on the garment and the age of your child, they can be disappointed when their favorite top is no longer wearable.

A quick label check on the first wash will stay with you. You’ll remember temperatures and the like, and you know the limits of the garment your washing.

Avoid Fragranced Fabric Softener for Soft Toys and Blankets

It is a good idea to use fabric softener that is fragrance-free when washing toys and blankets. The chemicals used in fragranced fabric softener do not react well with materials of this kind and given how your child clutches them, may cause skin irritation.

Store your Laundry Detergent Properly

Always keep your detergent out of the reach of children, as you don’t want to visit the emergency room unless you have to. Use child locks and high cupboards to keep curious fingers out of your laundry detergent store.

These tips should help make your child’s clothes last and make less of a dent in your purse!